The Adventurous Babes Society was started after a girls’ weekend to snowshoe in Colorado with 16 women (most of whom didn’t know each other). The experience of taking on a new challenge, getting out of their comfort zone, connecting with the women on the trip, and the subsequent activities and opportunities that arose from it, was life changing. It was something that had to beshared and made available to all women.

We have grown into a membership based social network of women ages 21 or older that creates opportunities for women to step out of their comfort zone, try new things, and have fun in a kind, welcoming, and fun environment!

The membership fee is $49 per year. After that, what you spend is determined by your time and budget constraints.We do not have any scheduled meetings to attend. We meet at our adventures!

We consider an adventure to beany activity that we join together to experience. It may be a physical activity, a social activity, a class to learn something new, a cultural event, or even a weekend trip to a new place to experience. Check out the list of our current adventures on our website (you must be a member to see specific details, but the list will give you an opportunity to see what we do!

We are currently located in the Greater Wichita, KS area, but our belief that this is something that must be shared and made available to all women will, one day soon, bring an Adventurous Babes Society chapter to other areas as well!


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