ABS Annual Convention Being Planned!

The date is set! Thursday, July 11-14th, 2013. Destination -Manitou Sprngs, Colorado! It will be a great time for all ABs to get together in this adventure wonderland! Hiking trails abound, all varying in difficulty. You can zipline, horseback ride, white water raft, and so much more! Manitou Springs is also the home of Pikes Peak – America’s mountain, a 14,000 foot beauty. Anyone up for a little hike? ABS members can do what they want to do, when they want to do it, with a few organized events for all to join in on if they wish. We’ll be pulling together information in the next few months. Tell your girlfriends and have them join ABS as you need to be a member to be a part of the fun! If you think this is an adventure you would like to be a part of, let us know by commenting below!


  1. Tammy Alford replied 7 years ago:

    This sounds so fun!!!!

  2. Carolyn Harrison replied 7 years ago:

    let me know dates!

  3. Celia Ralston replied 7 years ago:

    Sounds like an “ABS”olutely Awesome Adventure! I hope to make it!!!

  4. replied 7 years ago:

    There are so many different things, and at different levels of difficulty, to do here! it is the perfect spot for all ABS to be able to try something new! I can’t wait and I can’t wait to meet Babes from 18 different states!

  5. Bonnie Kissinger replied 7 years ago:

    Putting this date on the calendar. Want more info!!!

  6. replied 7 years ago:

    Me too! Can you imagine a convention of “Babes”? Lets cover Manitou Springs in Purple and Yellow!

    • Kathy Mihelic replied 7 years ago:

      An Adventurous Babes Society stampede!

    • debbie fanning replied 7 years ago:

      Great location and plan ABS girls!

  7. Kathy Mihelic replied 7 years ago:

    I can’t wait for this trip and I hope the current members from all 17 states will try to make it to Colorado for this adventure!

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