ABs Inspiration – Marla Antinoro. Music, Filmaking, and Zumba!

marlaTrying something new is always easier if you don’t take yourself too seriously. Here’s Adventurous Babe, Marla Antinoro’sstory of stepping out of her comfort zone:

Being the Adventurous Babe that I am, I decided to try an exercise class, today. The next available class was Beginners Zumba. My daughter, Bellahad been trying to get me to try it out, so I thought, “it’s for beginners, how bad can it be?” Actually, I did pretty good in the first 10 minutes, later I found out that was the warm up. At first, some of the moves were similar to those in some of the aerobics classes I took in my 20’s. I thought, “I can handle this, no problem,” then, the instructor kicked it up a notch. For a while, I faked my way through some of the moves, but then she kept saying, “Salsa! Salsa!” My idea of salsa is something that has sour cream in the middle of it. I’m sorry, but my body just won’t move that way, something is either broken or melded together, I’m not sure which. I was also having visions of Bella in ballet when she was little, in every picture we have, she was going in the opposite direction of all the other dancers. When she told me that dancing was not really her thing, I agreed. Now I know it’s in the genes. I was afraid the instructor might have thought I had a thing for her because my eyes were glued to her butt trying to follow her moves, and after a while I couldn’t look anywhere else because I was concentrating so hard on not falling down. By the end of the class, all the old ladies were kicking my butt and I could hardly move. All I could say is “Is it over yet?” like one of my kids on a road trip. I have now become that woman in the exercise class that everyone measures themselves by (because they were thinking “at least I’m not as uncoordinated as she is!”) So, for my adventure this week, I take away a great sense of accomplishment that I have just made a whole class of women feel better about themselves, and I burned a few calories doing it.

Marla is from California, married, with three beautiful children. In addition to her Zumba escapade, Marla has pushed the limits of her adventurous side by pursuing her life-long dream of music. Written, produced, and performed by Marla, she has her songs now available on itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/never-give-up-single/id557071936

Sadly, Marla won’t be joining us this year at the ABS Annual Convention as she will be in the middle of filming a movie… One she has written and is now producing. You go girl! Way to be adventurous!

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