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fitness comp 042The journey to my first fitness competition started with a desire to get in really good shape. But I was lacking in the discipline to stay consistent in my diet and exercise program, so I set a goal! I decided I would compete in a fitness competition! I first started training on my own, using the knowledge I had acquired from reading fitness magazines and online articles. I was able to improve my physical shape some; but after months, I was still not making progress like I felt I should have been. Thanks to Facebook, I got in contact with a friend of a friend who is a trainer at a local club. She not only trains clients for fitness competitions, but competes herself! This was just the knowledge that I needed to tap into!

I started training with her Oct 1, 2012. She wrote me a detailed diet and exercise plan, specific to my goal of competing in March in the bikini division. So I trained 6 days a week for 5.5 months (2 days a week with her and 4 days a week on my own), working hard to add muscle to my lower half, and tone my upper half, all while leaning out. My training included lifting weights for 45-60 minutes a day, and 20-30 minutes of cardio a day. As the weeks progressed, sometimes my cardio was “fasted”, which is just like it sounds- first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Sometimes it was right after weight training, with the idea that my body would really have to draw on fat stores for energy at that point.

My diet evolved over the weeks as well! I would eat 5-6 times a day, typically 200-300 calories at a time. My allowed proteins were chicken breast, egg whites, protein powders, almonds, and fish. I could eat lots of steamed green veggies, but carefully measured complex carbs twice a day- oats and brown rice. In the beginning, I could have some Carb Master yogurt, and rice cakes, but those were cut less than halfway through my program.

I also met with my trainer 5 or 6 times during these months for posing practice. I would walk in my required 5 inch heels and move through “poses” that she had picked for me that helped emphasize the strengths in my physique and minimize the trouble areas. I watched a lot of You Tube videos on posing too, hoping to pick up some “jazz” that is uncoordinated Adventurous Babe does not naturally possess!

March 16 finally came! All that diet and exercise and posing practice finally paid off! Athletes were required to check-in the night before the event, so my support team and I drove to St. Louis on the 15th . After check-in, I got my first layer of spray tan by the sponsor, and bedded in for a restless night’s sleep (I was covered head-to-toe in clothes in fear I would get spray tan on the hotels’ white linens).

On the morning of my competition, I awoke early to start getting ready. Big hair, heavy make-up, and blingy jewelry all add to a fitness comp 003 (1)competitors finished look! At morning check-ins, everyone was given a competitor’s badge and number, to allow us access to the backstage waiting area. For some reason, it was the moment I put on the competitor’s badge that I got very emotional! It finally seemed real! My category was one of the last to go on stage, so most of my day was spent in a 20 x 20 room watching all the other fit girls get called up!

As my number was called, I lined up with about 14 other girls to get ready to walk on stage. I was very nervous that first time my name was announced, but was trying so hard to remember to hold my muscles tight at all the right times, and just tried to enjoy the moment! Bright lights and hundreds of eyes on me…I’ve never done anything like it before! The day passed quickly and before I knew it, it was time to stuff my face with all the things I had been craving for the past few months!

Although, I did not win any awards at this show, I had reached my goal, and for me, that was winning! I still have a lot of adventures that I want to embark on, including one more fitness competition, because now I have a burning desire to compete and place in the top 5! I can’t wait to see what other adventures this year will bring!!!


  1. traco04@yahoo.com Cole replied 5 years ago:

    I live in Kc but work in Wichita a couple of times a month including Monday. I may come down Sunday for that ABS talk. Would you be around after that (3:00) sometime? If not, I’d love to catch up another time when I’m there. Thanks for the encouragement!

    • Nicole Gerringer replied 5 years ago:

      Sorry! This message board doesn’t notify you when someone has responded…just seeing this! Now you are only 4 weeks or so out!! I bet you are pumped!!! Can’t wait to hear how you have done!!

  2. traco04@yahoo.com Cole replied 5 years ago:

    Nicole-After talking to a local coach, I actually decided to start training August 13. Good thing I didn’t wait until today (see msg above). I’m down 26 pounds and at last check (Dec9) 15% body fat. I’m the fittest I’ve ever been with 9 more weeks to train for the Midwest Championships in St Louis. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Nicole Gerringer replied 5 years ago:

      What!?!?! Wow!!! 26 lb weight loss!! And 15% BF!!! I bet you feel amazing!! And the next 9 weeks are going to be so fun!! (Hard, but fun!!) You are going to see even more definition in your muscles as you continue to lean out!! I am SO HAPPY for you!!! We should get coffee soon and talk about your prep and that show! I can share with you what to expect backstage!! Get it sister!!!

  3. replied 6 years ago:

    Nicole, so proud of you, too! And after getting to know you in Colorado, I can say you are also beautiful on the inside! CO was a blast and so glad I got to know you!

    • Nicole Gerringer replied 6 years ago:

      Kim, that means so much coming from you! YOU are the beautiful one- inside and out! I aspire to have your level of energy and warmth toward people! You truly are gifted in so many ways!!! Can’t wait for our next adventure together!!

  4. traco04@yahoo.com Cole replied 6 years ago:

    Nicole–Congratulations on your accomplishments! You look great! I know how hard you woroked to get there!
    I think that doing a fitness competition is going to be my next bucket list item to check off. I was thinking about starting Jan 1 for a late April show. Do you think it’s possible to get ready for a show in 4 months ?

    • Nicole Gerringer replied 6 years ago:

      Traci, depending on where you are starting, it is absolutely possible!! I think most contest preps are 12 weeks or less. My contest prep was so long because I had so much work to do:)

  5. Lori Neel replied 6 years ago:

    I never had any doubt in you, because I don’t know anyone else that is so self disciplined and more determined than you.It was amazing to see you go through this transformation and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. I am so proud of you. !

    • Nicole Gerringer replied 6 years ago:

      Thank you Lori! You are always so supportive of me!! Love you!!

  6. replied 6 years ago:

    I am so proud of you sis and think you look amazing both on and off the stage. And if you decide to do it again I know you will place this next time. We love you and think you are the most beautiful girl out there!

    • Nicole Gerringer replied 6 years ago:

      You are so sweet and supportive! I’m just seeing this!! Love you guys too!!!

  7. Paige Alexander replied 6 years ago:

    So inspiring !!! I want to eat like that someday and see what changes it makes in my body !!! You go girl !!! Curious to know if you have kept your eating habit up and if your body still is still at the same level of fitness!? 🙂

    • Nicole Gerringer replied 6 years ago:

      Thanks Paige!! To answer your questions: I’m not as lean as I was the day of the show. I was carb depleted and a little dehydrated that day, so that everything would “pop!” I’m eating and working out only about 80% of what I was. I’m feeling very ready to kick it up a notch and get back to giving it 100%!!! This experience has given me confidence that has been missing in my life for a looonnng time:)

  8. Wendy Dusenbury replied 6 years ago:

    You are a rock star!! ((hug))

    • Nicole Gerringer replied 6 years ago:

      Thanks Wendy! Hugs right back at ya!!

  9. jessica Williams replied 6 years ago:

    So impressed!! This is my next goal. I also want to do Ironman Hawaii

    • Nicole Gerringer replied 6 years ago:

      Jessica you could totally do it!!!

  10. Jerrie Hanson replied 6 years ago:

    I am totally impressed with your discipline!

    • Nicole Gerringer replied 6 years ago:

      Thank you Jerrie!

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