ABSpiration – Julie Reams – Running the Ragnar Relay Del Sol

julie in az runningMeet Julie Reams from Wichita, KS. Julie just recently participated in the Ragnar Relay Del Sol in Arizona, a 202 mile, 12 person team adventure! Here’s her story:

The Ragnar Relay Del Sol is a relay series that occurs all over the country (http://www.ragnarrelay.com/race/delsol). This particular race was 202 miles which started in Wickenburg, AZ and ended in Tempe, AZ. Start times are based off of your teams overall pace time. Teams are divided into two and assigned to vans with six people in each (the vans transport team members to their starting positions in the race). Our team began on Friday at 6:45 a.m. and finished in about 32 hours on Saturday evening. Each person is assigned different legs to run and a slap bracelet is used as the baton. Usually after running our legs and the other van is completing their legs, it’s then time for us to regroup, eat, change, maybe sleep, and do what we need to. Sleeping is very minimal, and forget about showering because it’s no use! No one cares! I didn’t know anyone in my van when we started but we sure wound up being friends afterwards; lots of laughs shared and silliness but most of all MUCH Julie in azsupport for the team in general. This is my second year running with some of the gals. I took on the challenge of completing the longest leg in Ragnar history of 13.5 miles in the beginning which took place about 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon. Then I ran my second leg of 4.7 miles at around 3:30 a.m. and my final leg of 3.1 was run again at about 12:00 p.m. on the Saturday of the race. After completing the 13.5 miles I received a special medal. It was amazing and an honor to receive it as it was the hardest half marathon that I have ever completed. Running through the desert and mostly on an uphill incline, it was a very tough leg of the race. I did hurt my knee at about mile 11, but I was determined to finish, because I knew food, water, ice and a leg roller was at the end of the run! I cannot wait to do this again and I will definitely go back next year to run with my friends. There is a Ragnar Relay coming up in June from Wisconsin to Chicago. Who wants to join the fun and be a Ragnarian? Once you do one gals, you’ll want to do another one!!


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