ABSpiration – Paige Alexander – A Birthday Celebration Like No Other!

While most people celebrate their birthday with dinner and drinks, this Adventurous Babe, Paige Alexander,decided to do things a little differently. Here’s her story!

My story starts with the first annual ABS snowshoeing trip! During that trip, I found the encouragement to start running again after several years of laying off due to bad knees. With Kim’s training suggestions (Kim Bessac, one of ABS Founders and Personal Trainer) I was able to start again very, very slowly and only a couple of times a week. Since running was my favorite exercise, I was willing to do what it took to run even if it was only twice a week. The rest of the week was spent doing cross-training activities. One of those included climbing the Wichita State University stadium bleachers 20 times in one hour, probably the hardest thing I do every week! My bleacher buddy happens to climb Pikes Peak (located in Manitou Springs, Colorado) every summer with some of her girlfriends and she encouraged me to do the same. She promised that if I could climb those stinkin’ bleachers every week, then Pikes Peak would be a breeze!!! However, she and her friends spent the night half way up that 14,100 ft. mountain and climbed half each day. I mentioned my idea to Kim one day. She said she would be willing to go with me for my birthday adventure and we would try and climb the whole thing in one day and we’d have a few other Babes who might want to tag along!!! From there, I made a birthday itinerary and we decided to climb that sucker to the top on my very birthday, August 18th! We had a BLAST and it was challenging but not impossible, even pushing through altitude sickness and dry heaves. It was one of the best days of my life! And the best part is that my 20 year old daughter was along on the trip as well! She was in the middle of training for a half marathon, and since she supported me in my goal I decided to support her in hers. I realized that if I could climb 13 or so miles uphill then maybe I could run 13 on flat ground. So that following October I ran my first half marathon with my daughter!!! All this started with the encouragement I received on that first snowshoeing trip a few years ago. Who would have thought of all that could come to pass in my life from that remarkable trip! If I can do these things, anyone can!!!! 😉 Paige 13 miles

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