Adventure Ideas

Here’s some ideas for future adventures. We want to know what ideas you like and other suggestions you may have! Comment below!

  • Thunder Hockey night (bring your family!)
  • Boot camp at GoTime Training
  • Lord’s Diner dinner service – Feb 12th (tentative date)
  • Archery
  • Country Line Dancing
  • Kayaking Lesson
  • High Ropes Challenge Course
  • Low Ropes Challenge Course (team building)
  • Habitat for Humanity – all women build!
  • Aerial Silks/Static Trapeze/Lyra in KC
  • Pole Dancing in KC


  1. Laurie Atkins replied 4 years ago:

    I would like to go on a float trip somewhere.

  2. Adventure Ideas
    Christin Gnad replied 6 years ago:

    I really like the Kayaking Lesson and GoTime Training Boot Camp. I have wanted to try kayaking for a couple years now.

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