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1455836_10151738989661431_1766550593_n Anne is our “Sneak Peek” Girl and now, our most recent Featured AB! Shortly after Anne joined ABS she volunteered for an ABS brainstorming meeting – she was ready to jump right in without even attending her first “fun” adventure! That’s why we love here! Here’s what Anne is all about…

“I am 62 years young and have been married to Doug for 43 years. We have 5 children and 13 grandchildren. The grandchildren all live within 5 miles of us so we are very involved in their lives. They range in age from a freshman at KSU to a 3 mth old. I was born and raised in Wichita, 232323232-fp53734-nu=3243-7-8-353-WSNRCG=3647;-4284327nu0mrjgraduated from (Kapaun) Mount Carmel back in the day when it was all girls, and attended KSU for one year. I enjoy family,active travel,books,walking,live theater,gardening,unique food,spin class,yoga, and weight lifting. I am a volunteer counselor at A Better Choice which is a pregnancy crisis center and also do a small bit of volunteer work for Catholic Charities Cruise Night Fundraiser. My husband is a retired dentist and two of our boys now have the practice‚ĶI work about 12 hours a week for 232323232-fp536-7-nu=3243-7-8-353-WSNRCG=3647;-42-8327nu0mrjthem in their business office. I am so excited to be an adventurous babe!! My husband and I have very different ideas about what is “fun” and are very happy letting each other pursue our own interests!!!

I joined ABS because it sounded like a great way to meet new people who liked to be active and in hopes of making new friends who might be able to do some traveling with me. I have only participated in a couple adventures and enjoyed both of them‚Ķ my favorite was the Trail Stomp Debbie Flanning and I attended right after Thanksgiving for the Wellington food 1455930_10151738988661431_365593591_nbank‚Ķrunning thru fields, hills, woods, and creek bed on a glorious day with a lot of crazy people was just a blast‚Ķa fire pit, music, and snacks made it even better. And Debbie pushed me to go harder than I would have on my own!! I would tell others that ABS proves what is always said about Wichita‚Ķthat it is full of wonderful, friendly people. ABS also disproves the idea that there is nothing to do in Wichita!”


  1. replied 3 years ago:

    im glad to know a life force such as yourself

  2. replied 5 years ago:

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  3. Sharon Trost replied 5 years ago:

    I am looking forward to meeting people for friendship and having fun doing,seeing and
    learning ! This new ABS member likes to travel too. Anne’s story was good

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