Free One-Year Adventurous Babes Society Membership Up For Grabs!

Even after seven years of providing fun experiences for women in the Wichita area, there are still so many women who either haven't heard of us or are still watching us, waiting for the right time to join. Although no one needs an invite to become a part of ABS, it often makes it easier for some if they are. Won't you be the catalyst for these women? Invite them to the Membership Informational!

August 24th, 11:30am - 1:00pm

We will: Show and explain how ABS...

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Get to know Amy Ramirez!

When did you join ABS? I joined May 7, just right before my birthday.  It was a gift to myself! Why did you join? I needed this for myself! I am a workaholic and work long hours and decided I needed something fun to do when time allows. My close friends don't like to do much outside of shopping and I love adventure so I decided...

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Vegas Baby! Travel Insurance

Travel-insurance-300Travel insurance is optional but recommended. Even the best of intentions can be sidetracked by unexpected happenings. That's when you'll be glad you protected yourself! Wendy Bos of Cruise Planners will be contacting all convention registrants via email to offer you travel insurance. In order...

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Vegas Baby! 2016 Adventure of the Year Frequently Asked Questions

IMG_9929Q: How do I register? A: Registering for the 2016 ABS Adventure of the Year is easy and done through the ABS Website under "Find an Adventure". Q: Does one need to be an ABS Member to attend? A: Yes! Attendees are required to be a current member in good standing with the organization. Q: What does my Convention...

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Vegas Baby! 2016 Fabulous Adventure Cancellation and Refund Policy

We highly recommend you purchase trip insurance to protect yourself. CLICK HERE to learn about optional trip insurance. Each Excursion Adventure will have it's own cancellation/refund policy assigned to it and listed in the individual adventure. For refunds of the Convention fee, the following schedule applies: For all cancellations received by July 10, 2016, a $50 Cancellation Fee is assessed Cancellations after July 10, 2016 will forfeit 50% ($97.50) of the Registration Fee Cancellations...

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Vegas Baby! 2016 Convention Agenda

You must be registered for the ABS Convention to RSVP for Vegas Excursions. CLICK HERE to register for the 2016 Fabulous Adventure in Las Vegas, November 10-13, 2016! Click on the excursion links below to be connected to full details about each. Early Bird pricing on some excursions ends May 10th! Limited spots available! Don't miss out on Vegas Baby! RSVP ASAP! If we have more women than spaces, we will attempt to secure additional spaces, but pricing and seating areas may be different. Each...

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Las Vegas Hotel Accommodations

Vegas Baby! 2016 Fabulous Adventure! TropicanaLasVegasHOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS

We'll be staying at the beautifulTropicana hotel, located directlyon the strip! This iconic hotel has recently undergone a $200 million transformation and is part of the Doubletree by Hilton family. We have a ...

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Beth Soelter – Featured Adventurous Babe

10427284_10206420144646912_3358826616234685348_nJust recently, we learned that during Adventurous Babes Society adventures, Beth cringes every time she hears the direction to meet three new women. It's the hardest part of any adventure for this introverted Babe! Her husband, Greg, had heard about...

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Debbie Fanning – Featured Adventurous Babe!

FullSizeRender (2)Any one in the Wichita Adventurous Babes area either knows Debbie Fanning, or has at least, heard of her. One of our first Adventurous Babes members, joining in 2012, Debbie has become known for the awesome adventures she plans for the organization and her welcoming nature! Our hope is that each member would...

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May – Race Adventure Month

kelly arms upOrganized Races are growing rapidly - runs, walks, obstacle courses, triathlons, you name it, they are out there and more and more of us participating! Why? A few possible reasons may be: 1) They offer something for us to work toward. Signing up for a race often spurs us on to continue training for it, helping us...

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Rachel Vasquez – Featured Adventurous Babe

Rachel has been an extremely active, and supportive Adventurous Babe. In addition to organizing adventures such as Glo Run, 1381448_10201467128458443_1293600620_nPole Dancing, and Ice Skating, she has been a big part of supporting ABS. If you joined ABS this year at the Wichita Women's Fair, she may have...

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Bring On Your Desired, Physical Change! by our fitness guru, Kim Bessac

How are those New Year's resolutions coming? Remember this: You areworth it! Here are the components that are needed in any fitness plan that will bring about those desired physical changes – that "New You!" BURN CALORIES: When we eat, the energy (calories) consumed is stored in our bodies waiting ...

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Anne Oxler – Featured Adventurous Babe

1455836_10151738989661431_1766550593_n Anne is our "Sneak Peek" Girl and now, our most recent Featured AB! Shortly after Anne joined ABS she volunteered for an ABS brainstorming meeting - she was ready to jump right in without even attending her first "fun" adventure! That's why we love here! Here's what...

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Jessica Williams – Featured Adventurous Babe

abs picture"I am a teacher by day, adrenaline junkie by night. I have more energy than you possibly could imagine. I love trying new things (except foods- I have major allergies). Normally I am the one talking my friends into trying new things with me and I love being a part of a group whose whole mission to do just that. I joined...

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Register for the 2014 ABS Convention today! Limited spots available so hold yours with a $150 deposit. Everyone that registers by the end of May will be entered into a drawing to win $100 off your convention price!

Click HERE to register for the annual convention! We're going to overnight camp! Click HERE to read more about the convention!

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February – Winter Wonderland Adventure Month

joan winter wonderland February is Winter Wonderland Adventure Month. What will you do this winter? Snow Kiting? Alpine Skiing? When was the last time you built a snowman or made a snow angel? Maybe you go away in the winter? Do something adventurous! Get your family involved, do it by yourself, get your friends...

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Adventure Ideas

Here's some ideas for future adventures. We want to know what ideas you like and other suggestions you may have! Comment below! Thunder Hockey night (bring your family!) Boot camp at GoTime Training Lord's Diner dinner service - Feb 12th (tentative date) Archery Country Line Dancing Kayaking Lesson High Ropes Challenge Course Low Ropes Challenge Course (team building) Habitat for Humanity - all women build! Aerial Silks/Static Trapeze/Lyra in KC Pole Dancing in KC

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January is “Food Adventure” Month!

1460244_515401058558213_347977512_nCan food be adventurous? You bet your taste buds it can! Ever tried fried grasshoppers? How about a kale shake? January is the month to explore food! Take that cooking or 1521591_10152089733855535_1831105349_n Read More

Meet Hope Colantonio, Featured Adventurous Babe!! Hometown: Meadville, Pennsylvania

Adventurous Babe, Hope Colantonio was one of the "Original Babes". She joined the ABS group 2 years ago on a trip to Vermont to go sculling (rowing backwards in a little wobbly boat). After her experience with ABS on that trip, Hope decided to build a team of women in her own neck of the woods in Meadville, PA. Here's her story: Read More

Heidi Conquers Ironman Brazil!

983972_430501083714878_323901107_nWhen Adventurous Babe, Heidi, puts her mind to something, by golly she does it! The Wichita Triathlon Team owner and coach, competed not only in Ironman New Zealand four years ago, but in May she completed her SECOND Ironman triathlon in Brazil. Don't know what an Ironman is...

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Spam Sucks! But, info from Adventurous Babes Society is not spam! Unfortunately some of our emails to you may have been sent to your spam folder! GET US OUTTA THERE! To ensure you’re getting all the latest news, info, invites, and newsletters from ABS, add to your email address book! Check your spam folder and if we’re in there, get us out!

Spam sucks! But, info from Adventurous Babes Society is not spam! Unfortunately some of our emails to you may have been sent to your spam folder! GET US OUTTA THERE! To ensure you're getting all the latest news, info, invites, and newsletters from ABS, add to your email address book! Check your spam folder and if we're in there, get us out!

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We want your suggestions for our 2014 Convention

We are already starting to plan next years annual convention. Some suggestions have been a cruise with awesome excursions, a bike ride through New England stopping at bed-and-breakfasts along the way, hiking in the Grand Canyon, Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in PA (think shooting academy, off-road driving academy, ziplining, hiking and more coupled with a five star resort), and more! We are hoping to double our attendees next year, so we need to find an adventure that about 50 of us (or more???) can...

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What an Adventure! ABS 1st Annual Convention was a hit!

024When the Adventurous Babes Society (ABS) began a year ago, the only thing we knew for certain was that we wanted to host an annual destination adventure where Adventurous Babes from across the country could meet and have fun! For our first go around, we hoped to have between 12 and 20 women. Eighteen wonderful women believed in us! We ...

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Adventures are created by our members! If every one of you created at least one adventure per year, think how many adventures we’d have to choose from!

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Meet Debbie Fanning – Adventurous Babes Society’s Member of the Month

1014773_10151433498936431_275656691_oA friend thought Debbie would be interested in this group he'd seen on Facebook, the Adventurous Babes Society. He told her about it thinking it was right up her alley. The Adventurous Babes Society had only launched in August 2012, creating a Facebook page and inviting...

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