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FullSizeRender (2)Any one in the Wichita Adventurous Babes area either knows Debbie Fanning, or has at least, heard of her. One of our first Adventurous Babes members, joining in 2012, Debbie has become known for the awesome adventures she plans for the organization and her welcoming nature! Our hope is that each member would create one adventure per year for the organization – we’d have hundreds of things to choose from if they do that! Debbie did that, and more! In 2014, Debbie planned an average of two adventures per month! Debbie encompasses the traits of what we think is a true Adventurous Babe – someone open for just about anything, willing to step out of her comfort zone and try new things. We asked Debbie a few thing about her experience with the Adventurous Babes Society. Here’s what she had to say:

Us: Why did you join ABS?

Debbie: WHY NOT JOIN! I saw it as an opportunity to connect with other women who wanted to share in doing fun and exciting things. An added bonus has been making new friends along the way, I now have 450+ ABS friends 😉

Us: What adventures have you participated in?

Debbie: Cattle drive, Grizzly High Ropes Challenge, Fitness Hooping, Skeet Shooting, Archery, 5k Runs, Cooking Classes, Dodge ball, Bowling, Flames In The Flint Hills, Moonlight Ride, Trampoline Fitness, Sailboat Race ….

Us: What were your favorite adventures?

Debbie: Dodge ball, Grizzly High Ropes and the Sailboat Racing. I am more of a physical/competitive type personality so I seem to like the challenge of these types of events.

Us: What do you enjoymost about the organization?

Debbie: The members and the opportunities available to continually experience new things and new friends 😉

Us: What would you tell others whomay be considering joining ABS, about ABS?

Debbie: Joining ABS has been a positive life changing experience for me and I have no regrets other than I wish I knew about it sooner. It’s a wonderful organization and I encourage all women 21 and older to stop thinking about joining and “JUST DO IT”! The longer you wait to join, the more fun you are missing out on!

If you’d like to join Debbie and the ABS, please do so at Happy Adventures!


  1. debbie fanning replied 4 years ago:

    Thanks Gwen and Rhonda for your sweet comments! I have been so blessed with your friendships. Looking forward to many more adventures with you both

  2. Rhonda Landsverk replied 4 years ago:

    I just LOVE Debbie! I first met her through my husband. They are cousins. I didn’t really know her well, but Debbie reached out to me and quickly became one of my best friends. She is a very positive, fun person. Debbie is the one who encouraged me to join ABS, and now I am a BABE and loving it! THANKS, DEBBIE! You’re the best!

  3. Jerrie Hanson replied 4 years ago:

    Kudos to Debbie! You are an awesome example of what a true Babe is. Thanks for all you do and your reaching out to everyone. I am so thankful for this organization and all the wonderful ladies and experiences I have had through this association.

    • debbie fanning replied 4 years ago:

      Thanks Jerrie. I am also very thankful for ABS and all the wonderful friends and experiences it has offered me. I continually look forward to new adventures and making new friends along the way. Can’t wait till summer so we can get in some pool time 😉

  4. Gwen Prichard replied 4 years ago:

    I personally am SO thankful for Debbie!!!! She was the very first Babe that reached out to me and we got to know one another quickly! Debbie has such a fun and bubbly personality and she has really set the example for me on hosting events! Thank You Debbie for all that you have done and all that you are!

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