The No-Nos for Marketing Your Adventure

All marketing of adventures needs to be in line with ABS guidelines.  We have established guidelines to ensure consistency between all of us. This will also ensure all  adventures are marketed fairly, no confusion is created, and trust is built between us and our members.

Only used ABS approved methods for marketing. They are:

    1. Email members from Member Interest on ABS Website upon publishing adventure and if necessary, two weeks prior to deadline/or adventure if spots are still open)
    2. Post on your ABS Team Facebook page
    3. Post on the Member Community on the ABS Website

ABS is all about being inclusive so it is important to keep in mind that all marketing must be made with that in mind, so the big no-nos are:

  1. Never give a select individual or group a “heads up” on your adventures.  This creates cliques, feelings of entitlement, unfair advantages to select members, distrust, and will definitely put a bad taste in member’s mouths.
  2. Never post info about your adventures directly on your Social Media. You may share your ABS Facebook post on to your personal page, but do not post directly from your personal page.

EXCEPTION: You may make announcements regarding your adventure at adventures you are hosting or attending.  Be careful about announcing adventures that are not yet published on the ABS website. If you do share that, ensure the announcement is made available for all attendees and not just a few. Make sure it is a definite thing that you will be posting and not simply something you are thinking about posting as this will cause confusion if you delay in posting or never do.

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