Heidi Conquers Ironman Brazil!

983972_430501083714878_323901107_nWhen Adventurous Babe, Heidi, puts her mind to something, by golly she does it! The Wichita Triathlon Team owner and coach, competed not only in Ironman New Zealand four years ago, but in May she completed her SECOND Ironman triathlon in Brazil. Don’t know what an Ironman is? Well, let me tell you… It is a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run. Back to back! The only “break” is in transition where athletes change their shoes (or clothes) for the next sport!

The race in Brazil started on the beach with 250 other athletes. With her wetsuit and swim cap on, Heidi listened as the announcer was speaking Portuguese. She says due to the language barrier, she didn’t even have her goggles on when the start gun went off! After swimming 2.4 miles in the choppy ocean swells with very little visibility and interesting creatures brushing against her legs, Heidi completed the swim in just over an hour and a half. In transition, volunteers helped strip off her wetsuit to prepare her for the bike portion of the event. The 112 miles course was two loops with one huge hill and three to four medium sized hills. Heidi worked to stay hydrated on the bike as well as keep her heart rate in the appropriate zone. She said, “I have never peed on the bike and did at miles 35, 50, and 80. It was awkward, but helped me achieve my goal time. I wouldn’t have made it had I gotten off my bike 3 times.” She was happy with her bike time…. six hours and forty-six minutes.

Heidi at finishNow, it was time for the marathon! For the 26.2 mile run, her goal was 5 hours. Heidi said, “The first loop on the run had a HUGE hill that I walked up and down. Other than that, I only walked the aid stations to drink water. I was 300 calories shy on the bike, so I knew I had to eat….CAKE…. Yes, chocolate and vanilla!! The only time I looked at the clock, it was 8:00 on the dot. I had 5.3 miles to go.” Her goal was to finish the race in under 14 hours. She said she turned the corner at the finish line and saw 13:57 and started crying!! She had made her goal. Congratulations, Heidi!! You are truly an Adventurous Babe!


  1. Nicole Gerringer replied 6 years ago:

    What an amazing athlete!!

  2. Jerrie Hanson replied 6 years ago:

    WOW! I am so totally impressed. What an accomplishment. Good for you!

  3. Linda Maness replied 6 years ago:

    OMG, Heidi. What a great way to track you down!! Hope to see you at some event in the near future.

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