High Ropes Adventure Challenge

The Adventurous Babes Society (ABS) is an Adventure-Based Social Network for women ages 21 and up. We dreamed of creating a place for women to connect through adventurous fun because we believe that wondrous things happen when one steps out of her comfort zone and tries something new. We value good health, fun, and friendship. No one wants to look back and say, “I should have done that”. No woman is too old, too out of shape, too busy, or lacking in adventurous-ness to be an Adventures Babe (AB)! The best way to describe an AB is one who is open-minded and willing to try!”Babe” is an attitude!

What’s My Obligation By Being An Adventurous Babe? Your only obligation is to yourself. Like anything else, you will get out of something what you put in to it. We offer the opportunity and you participate as much or as little as you wish! ABS does not meet on a specific day or number of times per month or year. Our adventures are our meeting places and they vary widely to, hopefully, accommodate lots of different schedules. Get involved, try new things, put yourself out there, suggest an adventure for all to try. Have fun!

What does my membership dues go toward? Your annual membership dues allows us to continue to touch the lives of women through adventurous fun! As a member, you have access to the private, members-only section of our website. Dues go towards operating this business of so much fun, and just like any other business, we have many expenses: advertising, sales and marketing, operations, accounting, retail, management, administration, research and development, and lots more. Oh! And we can’t forget the insurance we have to pay, taxes to file, lawyers to consult. Our largest expense is in maintaining and developing our website. Everything we do costs the organization money – from the ink in our printers to trade show fees,frompostage and packaging to mail new members their member t-shirt, to fixing glitches on our website (whew!). If you attend 30 adventures in a year or just one, our hope is that the value you find in having opportunities to be involved, develop friendships and experiences will be well worth it!

Archery Adventure
Archery Adventure

What’s an Adventure? According to us, an Adventure is an active and participatory event; a new experience orsomething you haven’t done in ages. It may cause fluttering of the heart, rapidbreathing, quaking of muscles, or questioning of your sanity. It’s often accompanied by fits of giggles, peeing of the pants, Woo Hoos, high fives, and a desire to tell everyone, “Look what I’ve done!” It can be learning how to decorate a cake or composing a great photo‚Ķ taking a belly dancing or archery class‚Ķ climbing a 14,000 foot mountain or riding camels at sunset in the desert! Life is an adventure!

Painting Adventure
Painting Adventure


Who Plans the Adventures? Adventures are created by our fABulous Champions of Fun (COF), ABS members who are dedicated to adventure and crazy enough to constantly research, plan, organize, coordinate, and host our fun! Our members are encouraged to suggestadventure ideas. ABS HQ also plans adventures including the annual convention.



High Ropes Adventure
convention 178
2013 Annual Convention – Manitou Springs, CO

What’s all the hoopla about an ABS Annual Convention? Of course, EVERYONE is invited to our annual convention! The convention offers womenacross the country an opportunity to come together and have a girls’ long weekend filled with adventurous fun, ABS style!

As we grow, we hope businesses across the country will see the benefit of our wonderful organization and offer adventure opportunities to us! If you have a business or know of one that offers an activity, experience, or service that fits our definition of Adventure, ask them to contact us at info@AdventurousBabesSociety.com to talk about how we can work together!

It’s our hope that being an Adventurous Babe is amazing for you! We believe it will be when you let yourself go, step out of your comfort zone, and have fun! This is YOUR organization! Join in! Participate! We want to know what you’re thinking and we welcome your ideas and suggestions on how we can make ABS bigger, better, stronger, and more fABulous! Email us atinfo@AdventurousBabesSociety.comany time of the day or night! We’ll get back with you immediately‚Ķ or as soon as we return from our latest adventure!

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