Kim’s Adventure Fitness Tip – January – Step 2, Be Prepared for Change!

Kim Bessac – Certified Personal Trainer and one of the ABS founders. Her credentials include: American Council of Exercise Certification (ACE), Certification for Personal Training and Fitness (CPT), Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist Certification (AHFS), Owner, Fitness Solutions.

Hello again, Adventurous Babes! In our December post we discussed the first stepout of seven to being successful in creating a healthier you – you must have a plan. I hope your plan is on paper and you’ve thought of ways to begin a healthier lifestyle.

Let’s now talk about StepTwo: Be prepared for change.

Studies have shown that 7 out of 10 people who start an exercise program drop out within a few months. One problem is that most people jump into exercise without doing any planning up front. They’re just not prepared for the commitment involved.

Are you ready to make exercise a part of your lifestyle? Find out by answering the questionsbelow.If you answer yes to all questions, you are ready for action! If you answer no to one or more questions, you may not be willing to take the actions required to achieve your goals. If this is true, review your priorities and learn more about the negative effects of your current behavior and the benefits of change. You can still initiate an exercise program but don’t be too aggressive in your attempt.

1. Do you feel you are at some sort of health risk because of your current lifestyle?

2. Do you feel exercise will improve your quality of life and decrease your risk of health-related disorders?

3. Do you view exercise as a lifetime goal rather than a short-term, temporary goal?

4. Are you willing to get personally involved in planning an exercise program rather than leaving decisions up to others?

5. Are you willing to try different approaches to fitness?

6. Do you have the patience to accept success in small increments and deal with possible setbacks?

7. Are you willing to set realistic goals?

8. Are you willing to make lifestyle changes?

If you answered “yes” to at least 5 of the above questions, you are preparedfor enough change to be successful. So, get moving! Fitness industry standardsforbetter healthstates that one should aerobically exercise4 – 5 times per week for atleast 30 minutes (preferably 60 minutes).

If you answered no to the majority of the questions, you might not be ready enough to fully meet your goals. But, begin exercising and find three things you feel you ARE ready to change that could help get you closer to your goals.

We willtalk again next month about how to make difficult changes‚ĶIn the meantime, take small steps toward becoming more active. I promise you’ll feel better!

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