March Team Highlights – The Transylvania Trekkers of North Carolina!

transylavania trekkersBy Polly & Carolyn

The newly formed Transylvania Trekkers (Brevard, NC) are off to a great start, growing with enthusiastic BABES. We had our big, official planning meeting and lots of great ideas for our annual activities. How’s this for starters? A mountain hike, drumming, target shooting, walk/run at our local White Squirrel Festival (yes, we do have those cute critters), cycling in Virginia, paddle boarding and a night out at our Brevard Little Theater.

We are primarily tennis players who try to play the game as much as possible and have coerced some non-tennis players into being part of the team, knowing they will inspire us to uncharted activities we wouldn’t think to include. Now we are THIRTEEN strong and ready to encourage each other to accomplish the goals we have just set for the year. We are from Mississippi, Massachusetts, Montreal, New Jersey, Colorado, Tennessee, Eastern NC, as well as right here in Western NC.

Our first challenge was bowling in support of a local young couple who just opened the alley. There were SIX of us brand new BABES and did we have fun, laughs and, yes, exercise. Some of us were surprised the score was electronic and in view for all to see. That is how long it has been for some of us!

We will tackle the new Bracken Mountain Trail next month. This new trail is a city project eventually leading folks into downtown Brevard. All you BABES out there will be seeing what we try in these North Carolina mountains and beyond. We will head to Virginia in the fall to bike the Virginia Creeper Trail.

We are anticipating building new friendships, learning and exploring new activities and having a chance to do new things that our spouses might not do with us, which we are hesitant to do on our own. It will be interesting to learn the passions of those we only admire because of their fabulous forehand or overhead!

We love seeing what the rest of you are doing and that has encouraged us. If you are in our area join us!

Polly & Carolyn



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