May – Race Adventure Month

kelly arms upOrganized Races are growing rapidly – runs, walks, obstacle courses, triathlons, you name it, they are out there and more and more of us participating! Why? A few possible reasons may be:

1) They offer something for us to work toward. Signing up for a race often spurs us on to continue training for it, helping us to reach our goal (weight loss, healthy living, etc.).

2) Our friends are doing it and they’ve roped us in. 2013 TT White Squirrel 5K Walk/Run

3) We’ve done one and caught the race bug! They are FUN!

Whatever your reason, participating in an organized run can be challenging, exciting, nerve-wracking, and fun! Join us in May for Race Adventure Month. Find one in your area, sign up for it, and do it! Our favorite race expression: “Dead Friggin’ Last (DFL) is better than Did Not Finish (DNF) is better than Did Not Start (DNS)”. Start now!

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