Say these words, and say them out loud: I will not look back on life and wish I would have… then fill in the blank. So often we find ourselves putting things off, things we’ve wanted to do and experience, because there always seems to be something more important on which to focus. The reality is that by doing so, we are delaying and possibly missing out completely, on the things that can really add value and meaning to our lives, things that memories are made of, things that add to our sense of self, provide feelings of accomplishment, empowerment, and happiness!

Anything can be an adventure and Adventurous Babes Society (ABS) celebrates it all. What’s adventurous to you maybe very different from my sense of adventure which is, basically, experiencing anything new – new food, new places, new activities, new people – I love it all! Experiencing things like a beautiful sunrise, creating my signature cocktail, witnessing a sea turtle lay her eggs, or mastering a karaoke song are adventures I believe are as equally impactful as skydiving or bungee jumping (things I have yet to do!). The “little things” offer me adventure opportunities on a daily basis!

The ABS experience will be different for every woman. We all have our own goals, desires, fears, and expectations. Most of us though, enjoy having something to look forward to and the chance to meet and make new friends, and ABS offers that. Joining is the first step. The next step, for some, is the real difficult one: putting on your purple ABS membership t-shirt and walking into your first adventure to a group of women you have never met before! Jumping out of an airplane just may be the easy part for many of us! But it’s all worth it. Whether you are a go-getter and ready for anything or a bit more reserved, you’ll be able to create memories with ABS.

The ABS mission is to create opportunities for women to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. Now it’s up to you. Let’s go on an adventure!

Elizabeth Hotaling
ABS Founder




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