Meet Hope Colantonio, Featured Adventurous Babe!! Hometown: Meadville, Pennsylvania

Adventurous Babe, Hope Colantonio was one of the “Original Babes”. She joined the ABS group 2 years ago on a trip to Vermont to go sculling (rowing backwards in a little wobbly boat). After her experience with ABS on that trip, Hope decided to build a team of women in her own neck of the woods in Meadville, PA. Here’s her story:

What made you decide to build an Adventurous Babes Team in Meadville?
Hope: “I really enjoyed the camaraderie and the activities with the Original ABS team, but since I lived so far away, I wanted to have some fun activities here locally.”

ABS: How did you go about building a team and getting others involved in ABS?
Hope: “When I decided to build a team in Meadville, I initially sent out an invitation to 20 people and had a gathering at my house. We talked about Adventurous Babes Society and watched the video together Click Here To See Video Initially, we set up a time for a planning meeting and everyone came with lists of ideas and interests in different adventures. Our goal was to have one adventure a month and each person was asked to host or help plan one of these adventures.”

ABS: How has the group grown and evolved?
Hope: “The group has grown and really diversified. Friends of friends invited others to become involved and I’ve met some new people. I’ve been pleasantly surprised how much I’ve been able to participate in since I have two children (who don’t drive) at home. It seems like one activitiy and idea leads to another and people are constantly making comments about some of the fun adventures they see us do from the pictures on facebook.”

ABS: Have you had a destination adventure?
Hope: “Yes. In August, we went to a resort town called Ohiopyle where we rented a cute little house. We went whitewater rafting and zip-lining and had dinner at a restaurant. It was a lot of fun! We car-pooled.”

ABS: What kind of feedback do you get from your team?
Hope: “Some people want to do a lot and others have challenges due to kids at home. We are pretty consistently getting new members, so there are lots of new ideas and activities being added. People say, “I’ve always wanted to do that”, so with the new ideas, activities are added which gives us more options. Even though I started it, I’ve met some new people and I’ve been pleasantly surprised how many things I’ve been able to participate in given my crazy schedule with the kids.”

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