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Rachel has been an extremely active, and supportive Adventurous Babe. In addition to organizing adventures such as Glo Run, 1381448_10201467128458443_1293600620_nPole Dancing, and Ice Skating, she has been a big part of supporting ABS. If you joined ABS this year at the Wichita Women’s Fair, she may have signed you up as she was one of our wonderful volunteers! Here’s what Rachel says about ABS:

1239856_10200443846280681_827794179_n“I joined ABS for two reasons. Meeting new people is hard for me, and ABS has given me a controlled way to meet new people that’s easier for me. The other reason is that I was tired of my “some day” list. ABS has given me the chance to take all those things on my “some day” list and do them now.

My favorite ABS adventure? Hmmm‚Ķ that’s kind of like asking me which color of M&M tastes best! 🙂 I have enjoyed every adventure I’ve been on. Paintball was a blast, poledancing was awesome, boxing was fantastic, ice skating was cool. I can’t think of a single adventure I haven’t loved.

What I’d say to other women about joining ABS: Just do it! (Sorry Nike) but seriously, do it.998918_10153073046120317_878256293_n Get out here and try it. ABS is not like a high school clique. It’s not like a sorority. It’s a group of women, for women, by women. It’s like girl scouts for grown ups. It’s about empowerment for women, but we don’t burn our bras. ABS is amazing. Come try it! What have you got to loose? Fear? Doubt?”


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    YAY RACHEL!!!!!

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