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10427284_10206420144646912_3358826616234685348_nJust recently, we learned that during Adventurous Babes Society adventures, Beth cringes every time she hears the direction to meet three new women. It’s the hardest part of any adventure for this introverted Babe! Her husband, Greg, had heard about usand urged her to join as he was often out of town for work and felt it would be a great way for her to get out and have some fun. Since, then, Beth has participated in many adventures, and is always glad she’s forced herself to meet at least three new women at each of them! Recently, Beth and Greg wanted to do something special for the organization, so they sponsored our Pickle Ball Clinic, paying for the rental of the Pickle Ball facility so that our members could learn this fun sport. It was a wonderful afternoon in which the participants of the adventure were extremely grateful! Thank you Beth and Greg! And an even bigger thank you to Greg for pushing Beth our way. She is a joy!

We asked Betha few thing about her experience with the Adventurous Babes Society. Here’s what she had to say:

Us: Why did you join ABS?

Beth: I was becoming a hermit, working from home, spending a lot of time alone. I’m an introvert by nature – was trying to get out of my comfort zone.

Us: What adventures have you participated in?

Beth: Death by Chocolate was my first. Hiking, archery, dodgeball, pickle ball, virtual

Beth at Death by Chocolate with fellow Babes, Trudi Gronemeyer and Nancy Johnson
Beth at her first adventure, Death by Chocolate, with fellow Babes, Trudi Gronemeyer and Nancy Johnson

shooting, some Meet & Greets, Christmas Porch Pots, Cooking, Wine & Chocolate Pairing, Pilates. Looking forward to the Grizzly Adventures High Ropes Challenge Course and Trampoline Fitness!

Us: What were your favorite adventures?

Beth: Favorites so far have been virtual shooting, dodgeball, and pickle ball.

Us: What do you enjoymost about the organization?

Beth: Strangely enough, that it does get me out of my comfort zone and makes me force myself to be more social, consequently I have met some really neat gals!

Us: What would you tell others whomay be considering joining ABS, about ABS?

Beth: Do it!!!! If you’re more reticent like me, pick smaller, more intimate adventures. If you love to meet people, pick the bigger ones. Regardless, stretch yourself! It’s worth it!

If you’d like to join Bethand the ABS, please do so at Happy Adventures!

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