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Based in Southeastern Connecticut, this team is made up of 17 friends who work together to come up wih exciting adventures… with a twist. Their first adventure was a hike ‚Äì at sunrise. The group has decided tomeet two times per season (8 times per year}. Other adventures on their radar ‚Äì a polar plunge for charity, snow shoeing and Warrior Dash. They are excited to be Adventurous Babes and being encouraged to carve out “Me” time in a productive, healthy way. Penny, the cute dog in the picture is the team’s mascot. We definitely need to get that Babe a T-Shirt or at least a purple bandana! Want to start your own team? Comment below and or email usat and we’ll help you get started today!


  1. debbie fanning replied 6 years ago:

    what a great group of girls representing ABS :). thanks for sharing your adventures!

  2. replied 6 years ago:

    I love the Polar plunge idea! All Babes should plunge at the same exact time and I love your idea of dong it for a donation and give the proceeds to a charity….let’s talk more!

  3. replied 6 years ago:

    Hey CT girls! Tell us more about your plans to Polor Plunge!!

  4. Kathy Mihelic replied 6 years ago:

    Looking forward to hearing more about the Connecticut Team and their adventures!

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