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Travel-insurance-300Travel insurance is optional but recommended. Even the best of intentions can be sidetracked by unexpected happenings. That’s when you’ll be glad you protected yourself! Wendy Bos of Cruise Planners will be contacting all convention registrants via email to offer you travel insurance. In order to be fully covered, you will need to purchase your insurance prior to makingany non-refundable purchase, like airfare (although you can purchase insurance separately through the airline if you wish). The insurance policy that Cruise Planners will offer us will cover protection for everything from our convention registration fee to hotel expenses, airfare, and excursions. If you wish, you may contact Wendy directly by e-mail at

Travel insurance will provide for emergency medical care during your trip, as well as emergency medical transportation.

Travel insurance provides coverage for trip delay, missed connections, lost, damaged, or delayed luggage.

Travel insurance also covers trip cancellation and interruption if you should have to cancel your trip or return early for a covered reason. Examples of covered reasons include:

  • A family member who isn’t traveling with you is seriously ill or injured
  • You, a traveling companion, or family member dies
  • You or a traveling companion is quarantined
  • You become pregnant (trip cancellation coverage only)
  • You need to attend the birth of an immediate family member’s child (trip cancellation coverage only)
  • Financial default of tour operator, airline, or cruise line
  • You or a traveling companion is in a traffic accident on your way to your point of departure
  • You’re summoned by a court order or subpoena to serve on a jury or appear in court
  • You or a traveling companion legally separate or divorce after your plan’s effective date
  • Your primary residence is uninhabitable because of a natural disaster, fire, flood, burglary, or vandalism
  • Your destination is uninhabitable because of a natural disaster, fire, flood, burglary, or vandalism
  • Your airline, cruise line, or tour operator or travel supplier stops offering all services for at least 24 consecutive hours
  • Military Duty

Additional coverages available:

  • Option to Cancel Anytime
  • Biz Pack ‚Äì to cover cancellation for work related reasons included company merger or acquisition, lay off, termination, or being required to work

We offer insurance through Allianz Travel insurance. This custom policy offers the highest levels of protection & coverage, competitive pricing, and superior benefits. One of the most unique benefits is that you are covered for existing medical conditions for you and your family members, as long as you purchase your plan prior to your final trip payment.


PRODUCT WorldWide Travel Protection WorldWide Travel Protection w/Cancel Anytime
Trip Cancellation Up to Amount Purchased (max $20,000) Up to Amount Purchased (max $20,000)
Trip Interruption Up to 150% of Amount Purchased (max $30,000) Up to 150% of Amount Purchased (max $30,000)
Emergency Medical $50,000 $50,000
Emergency Medical Transportation $1,000,000 $1,000,000
Baggage Loss/Damage $2,500 $2,500
Travel Delay $1,000 $1,000
Missed Connection $500 $500
Concierge Included Included
Existing Medical Condition Yes, if purchased prior to final payment Yes, if purchased prior to final payment
BizPack Coverage Included
Cancel Anytime Coverage Included
Cancellation Benefits 100% for covered reasons 100% for covered reasons, or 80% for virtually any other reason
Baggage Delay $200 $200

Example Quotes for $1,000 of coverage as of 4 March 2016 (these are estimates only and are subject to change without notification).

Age World Wide Travel Protection World Wide Travel Protection with Cancel Anytime
18-59 $62.50 $90.60
60-70 $70 $110
71-75 $110 $159.50
76+ $150 $220




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